Yay! It’s Snowing!


Finding Snow

Our kids wanted to play in the snow before leaving Germany. That sent their uncle on a mission to work out where last-of-the-season-snowfall would be, so that our kids didn’t miss out. Their aunty gathered all her spare snow gear that would fit our kids. Luckily for Kenzo and Lui, she hadn’t yet given away snow gear that my nephews had outgrown. Kenzo and Lui were kitted out with socks, boots, inners, jackets, pants and gloves.

We drove about an hour towards nearby mountains and parked when we were amongst a thick layer of soft snow.

The Ski Jump

It turns out the carpark was at the base of a major ski jump, at the top of which was a frozen lake. The steepness of the ramp was intimidating but we wanted to go to the top of it anyway. We took the lift up. It stopped at a coffee joint where we swapped to another lift. It was an awkward shaped lift but we all squeezed in, not knowing what to expect. 

After exiting the lift I realised we were at the very top of the ski jump standing on the competitors jump-off platform. Aaaargghh! I had butterflies in my stomach as I looked down the slope. 

There were stairs going up further to a lookout tower, presumably where the judges or coaches sit, I don’t know, but it was freaky being up there and looking down at the lake of ice below. 

Looking out to the horizon, however, was breathtaking. We were surrounded by snowy mountains.

Snowy Forest Photo Shoot

Being nervous about being so high up, we left the lookout and headed back down the awkward lift to the coffee stop. There was an exit there that lead to forest and lake walks. I was keen to see the lake a little closer so Ajay and I walked a little into the forest. 

We could’ve left the track to walk directly down to the lake but the snow was a couple of feet deep. We decided to stick to the track. We hadn’t packed for snow so it wasn’t long before we started feeling the chill, literally about five minutes into the forest. That was when we decided to get some snowy forest photos of ourselves and run back to the kids so that we could warm up.

Playing in the Snow

The six kids were outside the coffee shop playing in the snow which mostly meant throwing snowballs at each other. Although Lui was warmly dressed he was happy to have dad take him inside. 

After about twenty minutes the rest of the kids decided to go inside and warm up, all except Kenzo. He was too excited about touching snow to worry about the cold.

Our Last Day

Ajay and I were so grateful to Alok & Jennifer for making that outing possible: our kids were able to play in the snow with their cuzzies. 

We were happy to leave Germany with that one experience of snow. But as fate would have it, on our last morning in Germany, before we headed to the train station, it snowed. Carmelo, Giselle, Kenzo and Ajay went outside to feel the soft flakes fall on them. 

The snow quickly piled up against the window which meant it was deep enough for Carmelo and Giselle to make snowballs. It was our first experience watching snow fall and it was as magical as people describe it to be.

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