Wildlife in Costa Rica


Costa Rica is filled with wildlife and it’s so easy to spot animals, reptiles and birds that you don’t see outside of Central America. It could be because Costa Rica has preserved so much of it’s greenery that the animals still have a home and are flourishing far more than animals in most countries around the world.

Because there is so much information we learnt on this trip as we travelled through Costa Rica, most of the info is in each blog post so if you’re interested in a creature than check out the blog post for more information about it.


Costa Rica is filled with a variety of mammals that are easy to spot in the wild and around village homes. It’s much easier to spot them in the rainy season but we were there in the dry season. Still we saw monkeys, coatis, agoutis, squirrels, howler monkeys, sloths and more.


We made sure to visit La Paz so that we could see reptiles but we still managed to spot some lizards around the places we stayed in.

Marine Life

 There were many opportunities to explore rock pools so where colourful fish lived and sea creatures we couldn’t name. We also saw lots of shell crabs.


There is an amazing variety of birds including quetzals, toucans, humming birds, parrots and many other colourful birds.


There are lots of bugs to creep out someone like myself but after a while you get used to how huge they are. Many are colourful. We saw a blue and orange dragon fly down by the river of La Fortuna. We saw a few different coloured millipedes in the cloud forests of Monteverde and we saw many bugs around the Airbnbs we stayed in.


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