Wildlife in Chiapas



Those sticks in the water that you can see in the photos below, are crocodiles. When we took a boat ride in the Canon Del Sumidera we saw crocodiles and two different varieties of iguanas. Prior to seeing them these scaly creatures swimming in the water was happily putting my hand in the water but once we approached them Kenzo and I agreed it was not a good idea to have my hand in the water. Unfortunately there was a lot of rubbish in this area, I guess no-one wants to clean up so close to these crocodiles 😉


There were lots of birds to see including herons, pelicans and eagles in Canon Del Sumidera.

Forest and jungle

We took a trek on the outskirts of San Cristobal De Las Casas and found ourselves in a forest of mainly pine trees. As we reached nearer the peak we saw many bromeliads (usually red) and orchids growing high up on the branches of the tall trees.

We were lucky enough to visit Palenque ruins and see some of the beautiful jungle with its entangled vines. 


There was plenty of shade in Palenque to allow us to hide from the morning heat. While resting the kids noticed this trail of ants taking food into their anthills.


The Palenque ruins had its share of lizards including iguanas and geckos. Many of them were hiding in the broken stones of the pyramids.


The long grasses on the palace of the Palenque archeological site had lots of butterflies that were happy to sit in the sun. They blended so well with the grass we didn’t notice them until they flew up from us disturbing their peaceful existence.

Other animals spotted

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