Wildlife in Caye Caulker


Sharks & Rays

On our snorkelling trips we stopped at Shark Ray Alley where the sharks and rays are so used to being fed they swim up to the boat when they here the engine stop. Kenzo and Lui were able to see plenty of sharks and rays from inside the boat.

These sharks have a powerful suction to suck fish into their mouth, you wouldn’t want your hand to be pulled in. But these sharks aren’t interested in humans. They simply want the easy food and once feeding time is over, they move on.

Marine Life

The marine reserves we visited had lots of fish and colourful coral. We also saw sea horses, a jelly fish, and a turtle.


We first learnt about Frigates in Isla Mujeres where a local told us that they cannot walk. They only use their feet to perch in a tree or grab fish.  For this reason we never saw them up close. They prefer to spend most of their day flying high above water. We had a closer look at them for the first time when we went snorkelling and our guide fed them fish by hand.

The egrets and herons are common on Caye Calker because of all the mangrove areas where they find most of their food.

We also saw many pelicans sitting on the docks.


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