Vehicles in Cuba


This bull dozer was parked outside our place every night. Nearly every day we had to stop and take photos because these two little ones wanted to pose in front of it.

Vintage Cars

Cuba is famous for it’s beautifully painted cars from the 1950’s and they are impressive. It was hard not to take photos of these cars. Some are super well maintained and some are run down. Whatever the condition we did not get tired of looking at them.

Buses for locals

These were the typical buses that locals used. Some were in good condition. Most were no. This one up above was crammed full just seconds before I took this photo. These buses are not supposed to be used by tourists, and personally I wouldn’t want to use them. They get jammed fuller than sardines in a tin!

The bus below is for tourists. We didn’t catch any buses. Everything was close enough to walk or cheap enough to catch a taxi.


Three Wheelers

Some taxis are three-wheelers. Some are new and some are simply bicycles

Some other vehicles: a yellow school bus, a white dump truck and a red dump truck. I only saw one fire truck at night. The fire truck had many fire officers squeezed in. 

Our Glimpse of Vehicles Around The World

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