Vehicles in Costa Rica


Police Cars

Most police and highway patrol vehicles are white. It makes them hard to spot amongst the other cars. But Kenzo & Lui were still able to point them out because of the blue lights on top of the roof. There was a police ute that regularly drove along the whole stretch of beach at Samara.


There is a funny sign on the back of each ambulance that says it is a gun free zone.

Construction Vehicles

Check out the roads. Very few roads are well paved so there the community often had to protest and demand the government to fix their roads. While we were there some of the roads were being improved which meant we got to see lots of construction vehicles.

Rubbish Trucks

Some rubbish trucks are automatic and some of them need people to collect the bags of rubbish on the side of the street.

More Trucks

Other Vehicles

We spotted this helicopter as we drove along and a cool quad bike. There were quite a few tour buses on the highways.
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