Staheli Farm

Staheli Farm


Our host recommended we visit Staheli Farm which is one of the local attractions in the area. It’s a family run farm that has lots of activities for kids of all ages. .

We arrived here early, and by that I mean 3pm. The little ones were able to play in the playground, pump water along guttering with old water pumps to make rubber duckies slide along, swing onto a huge pile of hay, ride a tractor train around the farm and view all the animals. 

There are other activities for the older kids including a crop maize. We were exhausted by 5pm and missed the serious activities which only started after dark, about 7pm. This was when the place started to fill up and loads of parents were dropping their teens off. The most popular activity is the Field of Screams which is a haunted house you can walk through and be scared out of your wits. This farm is also famous for it’s Zombie Rampage paintball bus. It’s an ordinary bus remodified to have monster truck wheels then loaded with paintball guns is used as part of the Halloween festivity. It drives through the zombie junkyard so you can kill live zombies.

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