Playtime in Caye Caulker


Although Caye Caulker is little island, there’s so many opportunities for play, which is fortunate because we booked the cheapest hotel possible that no-one wanted to spend time in 🙂 HA! The benefits of going cheap on a hotel is that it forces you out of the place.


Ajay woke up early and took the two little ones to grab coffee for me. While he waited Kenzo and Lui found toys out the back and because the whole island is made of sand, there was a natural sandpit. It reminded me of their Playcentre days. They were happy doing construction and incorporating old cooking utensils and animals into the play. They refused to leave until dad promised them they would return once they gave mum her coffee 🙂 Turns out they were the toys of the family that lived behind the coffee place but the family didn’t mind us using them.


Kenzo and Lui asked all day to go back to this playground so we went in the morning before our snorkelling trip and back there after dinner. We met a few little ones while we were there. As usual, Carmelo helped Kenzo to build his confidence climbing up towers and Lui looked for areas he could swing.


There are hammocks all over the island. They’re so much fun for parents and kids. When I was in the hammock I could have Lui run wild and not worry about him getting run over because the roads are filled more with pedestrians than vehicles, if any vehicles are on it at all. The teens enjoyed wrapping themselves in the hammock like a cocoon and having us swing them as high as a hammock will go. Kenzo and Lui would do the same or lie on top of one of us to enjoy the ride.


Carmelo, Giselle, Ajay and I enjoyed the swings at restaurants and cafes. We could sip on our milkshake, look out at the ocean, listen to the sounds of the island and swing on our chair.

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