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One day family itinerary for Isla Mujeres

One day family itinerary for Isla Mujeres


We stayed in Isla Mujeres for a month and explored most of the island but if I only had one day to do Isla, this would be my family itinerary. If you’re in a rush you can jump to the end for the summary itinerary.

Catch the 9am ferry

Yes! I said get the kids up early while you’re on holiday. If you have under 5’s like we do, then you’re already awake anyway. But if you have teens like we do, I apologise. But trust me! It will be well worth getting them out of bed and on that boat. This itinerary is designed for the whole family to have an awesome time on this beautiful island.

The Ultramar leaves from three locations in the Hotel Zone in Cancun as well as Puerto Muarez. These ferries run til late. Check out prices and timetables here. https://www.ultramarferry.com/en/routes-and-departures

Cool off at Playa Norte

Playa Norte is the most beautiful beach on the island. It is short fifteen minute walk from the ferry. Simply turn left when you get out of the ferry building, walk to the end of the road, don’t stop there because this is not the beach. Turn right and then left. That’s Playa Norte.

By this time you would all be hot from walking in the heat so you can cool off in the crystal clear waters or play on the sand under the shade of a coconut tree. At this time of the morning the beach is quieter so your photos won’t have that many tour boats or people in it. And you will want to take photos. Pelicans perch nearby and fly so close to you often landing near where you’re swimming. And if you bring a GoPro you’ll be able to take photos of schools of fish that swim in knee deep water.

Read more about this beach here.

Head to Aroma Isla for brunch

By 11am the family would’ve worked up an appetite. Head to Aroma Isla for a nutritious selection of smoothies and meals, while the kids can have Nutella pancakes.

You’ll find this place on the pedestrian street where all the souvenir shops and restaurants are. It runs parallel to the water front road where the ferry building is. It’s about a ten minute walk from Playa Norte.

Take a Snorkeling trip

From Aroma Isla head back towards the ferry building and you’ll see a bunch of guys in white t-shirts selling snorkeling trips for about USD50 per person. You can haggle that price a bit but this will take you to the best snorkeling on the island. Don’t worry if you can’t swim because it’s compulsory to wear a life jacket and their first stop is only a metre or so deep.

If your kids can swim then make sure you go to the under water art museum. This crew will take you to some greet snorkeling in water that is about 9metres deep that is very close to the under water art.

Afterwards you’ll get to experience a Mexican food hall in true island style. Read more about this snorkeling trip here.

You’ll find this place on the pedestrian street where all the souvenir shops and restaurants are. It runs parallel to the water front road where the ferry building is. It’s about a ten minute walk from Playa Norte.

Watch the Sunset from Punta Sur

After having a meal, don’t get back on the boat. Have your captain arrange a taxi for you all to go to Punta Sur. This will be about 50pesos.
Punta Sur is the southern most point of the Isla and has a beautiful sculpture trail as well as historic ruins. It’s not much to enter and has a walkway down to the base of the cliff. From here you can also watch the sun setting over Cancun.

Read more about this place here.

Dinner in town

By now it will be dusk and there will be no taxis waiting here but walk up the road to the main drag and taxis pass by frequently. Hail one down to head back to town. It should be maximum 100pesos.

Grab a bite to eat before catching your ferry back to the mainland.

Here’s the summary

  • Catch the 9am Ultramar from the Hotel Zone to Isla Mujeres
  • Short walk to Playa Norte for a swim and photos of pelicans
  • Brunch at Aroma Isla
  • Snorkeling trip using the company next to the ferry building
  • Don’t catch the boat back after eating, instead get a taxi to Punta Sur
  • Walk around the sculpture trail and watch the sunset
  • Head back to town for dinner
  • Catch the ferry back to Cancun

Hope you find this useful and let me know if you do use this itinerary

Our Glimpse of Isla Mujeres

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