Is Serbia Safe For Families?

Being part of the Balkans, with recent wars and bombings, plus seemingly regular issues between Serbs and Albanians or Croatians, we had some friends and family worried about our choice to travel there.


Sightseeing In Belgrade (Beograd)

During our one month stay in Serbia we visited Belgrade (Beograd) checking out the touristy vibe of the central area and the ancient fortress that looks over the confluence of the Danube and Sava.

Belgrade's Fortress


A one month stay in Serbia opened our eyes to it’s long history and the impact on it’s people.



Sometimes called the Paris of Eastern Europe, Budapest had a feast for the eyes on every street.

Auckland's culture

Are We Lacking Culture?

They said Australians have less culture than a pot of yoghurt. Exploring the topic of culture took me on a journey to realise how dangerous culture can be.



Staying in Vannes with family was a treat. They took care of us, which included hospital visits and we were able to have lots of lazy days at home or roaming to the village.