Sleeping on the tour bus

Sleeping On Our Tour Of London

As part of our family sabbatical, we’d planned to fly directly from Costa Rica to Germany, using London only as a stop-over because it is such a cheap hub to connect you to anywhere in Europe.



Our family’s whirlwind two day trip in London after crossing the Atlantic

The gorgeous sunset on the way across to the mainland

Crossing the Atlantic

Not all of our family transit-stories are this exciting but we decided this one deserved special attention because of how it started.

Montezuma Beach

Jungle Living in Montezuma

There is such a variety of wildlife and it’s so easy to spot in Costa Rica that I felt like I was part of an Animal Planet documentary. We saw squirrels, timid iguanas, a cheeky monkey ,a massive spider and howler monkeys.

Gorge just past La Paz Waterfall Gardens

Costa Rica

The beautiful Central American country that boasts wildlife, cloud forests, beaches and a laid back lifestyle. I fell in love with Costa Rica. If my kids were ok with it, I wold move the whole family here.

Coatis coming up from the valley for food from tourists

Wildlife in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is filled with wildlife and it’s so easy to spot animals, reptiles and birds that you don’t see outside of Central America.

La Gran Cenote, Tulum

Day Trip to a Cenote

Tulum is known for its beautiful beach, hippie culture and stunning cenotes. This is our family’s day trip from Cancun to Tulum.