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Is Serbia Safe For Families?

Being part of the Balkans, with recent wars and bombings, plus seemingly regular issues between Serbs and Albanians or Croatians, we had some friends and family worried about our choice to travel there.

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Belgrade's Fortress


A one month stay in Serbia opened our eyes to it’s long history and the impact on it’s people.

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Peniscola, Spain
Samara, Costa Rica
Havana, Cuba
Orlando, USA
Palenque, Mexico
Barcelona, Spain
Volcan Irazu, Costa Rica
New Orleans, USA
Chiapas, Mexico
Vinaros, Spain
Bavaria, Germany
Nevada, Utah, Arizona, USA

About me

We’re a New Zealand family of six currently on a twelve month sabbatical. Our household consists of my husband, myself and our four children aged 14, 12, 4 and 2.

This makes for interesting travels as we continually cater to a toddler, pre-schooler as well as a tween and teenager.

Hubby and I love exploring and of all our adventures, the ones in nature are our favourite. So in these pages I hope to bring to life some of the adventures both local, national and some international we experience.

Thanks for taking the time to share in some of our journeys.

– Rossanne

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